With Residents’ Acquiescence, GT Solons Amenable To Commercial Marijuana Sales

Grand Terrace, San Bernardino County’s third smallest city populationwise and its smallest in land area, would become the sixth of the county’s 24 municipality to jump on the cannabis-product sales tax revenue bandwagon if its residents are willing to allow that to happen.
Medical marijuana has been legal for sale in California since the passage of 1996’s Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use of Marijuana Act and the sale and use of marijuana for intoxicative effect has been legal in the Golden State since the 2016 passage of Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.
Both Proposition 215 and Proposition 64 contained provisions that essentially allowed local jurisdictions to maintain the sales bans on the drug that had been in place in the state since 1907. For 16 years after the Compassionate Use of Marijuana Act went into effect, there was no local government in San Bernardino County that would permit medical marijuana to be legally sold. All 22 of the county’s cities, Continue reading

Manbahal Out At WVWD

By Mark Gutglueck
Compounding its already well-established reputation for dysfunctional political and managerial relationships, the West Valley Water District last week accomplished its eleventh detachment from a senior managerial or administrative employee since late 2017, while its seventh board member since 2016 is set to make his departure from the district next month.
Meanwhile, the FBI is scrutinizing the motivation and implication contained within the pattern of parallel firings, hirings, firings, hirings and firings the district has engaged in over the last five years and the seeming use of lucrative employment opportunities with the district as payoffs to politicians for action they took in their elected capacities elsewhere.
On May 19, the board unanimously accepted the resignation of Shamindra “Rickey” Manbahal, who has Continue reading

DA Rethinking Selective & Overextended Felony Charges Against Vice Principals

A third member of the staff/faculty at Wilmer Amina Carter High School in Rialto has been criminally charged for failure to properly report that one and perhaps more of the students at the school had been sexually abused.
The addition of a misdemeanor filing against another school staff member at the high school where two school administrators are being subjected to novel felony prosecutions relating to sexual assaults perpetrated by a student or students against another underage student or other underage students may complicate the ability of the prosecution to obtain convictions of two original defendants in the case.  The three adults criminally charged in the case were not directly involved in nor did they have prior knowledge of those assaults, and their being held to account when the one known juvenile perpetrator of the assaults is not being charged is creating a stir in both legal and educational circles. Moreover, the enlargement of the case to a third school employee intensifies already existing questions about why the principal who was in place when the sexual abuse of one of her students was ongoing has not been criminally charged even as two of her assistant principals were.
Lindsay Morton, who was a counselor at Wilmer Amina Carter High School was formally charged by the Continue reading

Public Interest Activist Files FPPC Complaint Citing Sheriff’s Incomplete Donor Data

A member of a public interest group this week publicly alleged that $36,375 of the donations received by San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus’s campaign committee were inadequately delineated in campaign finance documents provided to the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters’ Office.
Dicus’s campaign contested that assertion, which was formalized in a complaint made to the California Fair Political Practices Commission by Gail Fry, a member of the local chapter of the National Action Network, in a filing made May 11. According to the campaign and a report in the San Bernardino Sun which appeared as a posting Continue reading

North Fontana & North Rancho Cucamonga Voters Given Chance To Cast Ballots Twice In June 7 Election

A glitch at the county elections office has created the possibility that the outcome of the contest for Second District county supervisor could be impacted by perhaps as many as 5,000 residents in north Rancho Cucamonga and north Fontana voting twice in the June 7 primary election.
There is, as a consequence of the same mistake, a possibility that some of those voters who were mistakenly provided with the opportunity to vote twice will not have their votes counted at all.
County officials are not disclosing how widespread the error was. What is known is that at least 1,500 incorrect ballots were mailed to voters in north Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga, and the office followed Continue reading

No Kaiser COVID Vaccinations At Any Price In San Bernardino Or Rancho Cucamonga

Kaiser Permanente, which provides health service for a wide cross section of those in San Bernardino County, is no longer providing its members residing in Rancho Cucamonga, where it has medical facilities, and in San Bernardino, where it has medical facilities, with COVID vaccinations.
Those seeking the shots are turned away at the door and told that they can try to see if they can get an immunization in Fontana or in Palm Springs.
Kaiser officials did not explain why they are discontinuing the injections, other than to say the policy was effective last week.
The move comes as California is experiencing another coronavirus surge. Continue reading