New Gonzales Field Rep Taking 58 Percent Of Her Total Compensation In Benefits

The employment contract with one of the county’s newest employees offers a window on where things are going in the public sector, at least in one case.
The board of supervisors last week approved Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales’s request to enter into an employment contract with Kianna Maldonado for the latter’s services as field representative.
Approved on October 16, the contract went into effect three days earlier, on October 13.
Maldonado was provided with a compensation package consisting of a $33,592 annual salary and benefits of $46,419, for a total annual cost of $80,011.
Maldonado’s benefits exceeded her pay by $12,827.
A graduate of the University of California at Riverside with a degree in political science, Maldonado was previously an administrative consultant with the Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council.

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