County Hospital Enters Into Training Pact With UCLA Nursing Program

Some nursing students from UCLA will obtain clinical training at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, the main campus of the San Bernardino County Hospital over the next three years.
Effective that day, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors voted on October 16, 2018 to approve a non-financial affiliation agreement with the University of California at Los Angeles that is to run through October 15, 2021.
According to William Gilbert, the director of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, “This affiliation agreement is new to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) and will provide for the safety, health and social services needs of county residents by allowing Arrowhead Regional Medical Center to provide clinical training to these specialized advance practice nursing students, who as a result, assist in the delivery of care to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center patients as well as assist in transforming organizational healthcare. A key component of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center’s mission is to provide education to students in a variety of disciplines. Arrowhead Regional Medical Center has a number of affiliation agreements with universities and colleges, junior colleges, and technical and trade schools to provide on-site clinical training for students. This clinical training is necessary for students to obtain their degrees, licenses, and/or certifications.”
Gilbert said, “The volume and patient mix at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center provides a comprehensive educational opportunity to students from the UCLA nursing programs. The affiliation agreement ensures students receive specialty clinical training and experience, and gain vital skills needed in developing a competent workforce. The affiliation provides for the safety, health, and social service needs of county residents by ensuring the delivery of specialized advance practice nursing care to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center patients, as well as increasing the future pool of healthcare specialists.”

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