Sheriff’s Deputies Now Assigned To Ride Victor Valley Transit Authority Busses

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has assigned a five-member team to provide security and enforcement aboard Victor Valley Transit Authority buses.
The team, consisting of a sergeant supervisor and four deputies will ride on the buses as a deterrent to theft and violence. There have been multiple instances of criminal activity on the buses going back for some time.
The deputies will also be an occasional presence at some bus stops along the route and at the Victor Valley Transit Center on D Street in downtown Victorville.“The team will work directly with the Victor Valley Transit Authority to enhance the safety of passengers and drivers,” according to a posting on the Victor Valley Transit Authority’s website.
“Victor Valley Transit and the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department joining forces is a powerful alliance dedicated to safeguarding passenger safety,” said Victor Valley Transit Authority Board President Victorville Councilwoman Liz Becerra. “By pooling our expertise, we can effectively address security concerns, deter criminal activities, and swiftly respond to emergencies. This partnership fosters a sense of security and promotes the well-being of commuters, making public transportation a reliable and trusted mode of travel for all.”
While the transit authority and city are separate entities, they are affiliated. The City of Victorville contracts with the sheriff’s department for law enforcement services.
The stationing of the deputies on the Victor Valley Transit Authority busses is the most recent show of cooperation between the city and the department. The City Of Victorville recently paid for the department’s acquisition of a Freightliner MT-55 mobile command post, which has a price tag of $430,555

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