Mayor And Three Council Members in San Bernardino Seeking Reelection

All four municipal incumbents in the county seat whose terms elapse this year will vie for reelection.
Mayor John Valdivia has drawn six challengers, those being Gabriel Jaramillo, Mohammad Khan, former Fifth Ward Councilman Henry Nickel, political reform activist Treasure Ortiz, former City Attorney Jim Penman and the city’s former human services director, Helen Tran.
Valdivia has been mayor since 2018, when he defeated then-incumbent Carey Davis.
Tran, who was the city’s director of human resources when Valdivia became mayor, left that post for a similar one in West Covina after issues developed between five employees within the mayor’s office, all of whom have sued the city at this point over treatment they say they were accorded by Valdivia.
Nickel is a former Valdivia ally, who has now parted ways with him.
Ortiz is widely viewed as Valdivia’s most implacable political opponent, one who has consistently denounced him since he first acceded to the mayor’s position.
Penman was early in Valdivia’s political career one of his key backers. He now says Valdivia has not lived up to his expectations.
Jaramillo appears to be a stalking horse for Valdivia, who is attacking the other candidates in the race for the mayor by proxy.
In the city’s First Ward, incumbent Councilman Theodore Sanchez is facing Gil Botello, whom he beat in 2018.
In the Second Ward, Councilwoman Sandra Ibarra is being challenged by Terry Elliott.
Fourth Ward Councilman Fred Shorett has two rivals, Teresa Parra Craig and Vince Laster.

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