San Bernardino Community College Board Augmented With Historian

The A. K. Smiley Library’s resident historian for the last twenty years has been appointed to fill the vacant position on the San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees.
In the wake of Donald L. Singer’s resignation as a trustee with the San Bernardino Community College District on September 15, the board had been searching for a replacement. Invitations to apply for the post were made, which resulted in eight applications. Singer had been on the board since 2001.
After considering all candidates, the board on October 28 settled on Dr. Nathan D. Gonzales, a historian, who has been employed within the A.K. Smiley Library Special Collections Room for two decades.
Gonzales earned his Ph.D. in history in 2006 from the University of California, Riverside. In 2013, he acceded to the position of curator and archivist of the special collections room as well as the library’s Lincoln Memorial Shrine museum, which includes overseeing the museum’s budget, personnel and its corps of volunteers. He is an adjunct professor in the University of Redlands History Department.
“Dr. Gonzales’ diverse expertise and commitment to education will be a tremendous asset to the board as we work together to uplift students and families,” said San Bernardino Community College District Board Chairwoman Anne L. Viricel.
In his remarks to the board of trustees on Thursday, October 28, Gonzales said his great-grandparents, who were immigrants, had limited educational opportunities, which has supplied him with especial motivation in pushing the college district’s educational goals for its students.
Gonzales joints Dr. Viricel, Dr. Stephanie Houston, Gloria Macias Harrison, John Longville, Frank Reyes, Joseph R. Williams and student trustees Lauren Ashlock and Elena Sanchez on the board.
“With nearly 100 years of service to our region, the San Bernardino Community College District has made an immeasurable difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people,” said Gonzales. “I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my experiences to benefit students, families, and my community.”

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