Reyes Makes Financial Accountability And Helping The Unfortunate His Campaign Goal

Edward Reyes said “I am running for Adelanto City Council to bring financial accountability to the office.”
In making a case for his election to the city council, Reyes was concise, to the point and straightforward.
“I have an honest, up front demeanor and enjoy helping others, working for free in the substance abuse field,” he said. “I have years of experience in the substance abuse field and started two nonprofit substance abuse programs.”
He is distinguished from his opponents for a position on the council, Reyes said, by his “honesty and being goal oriented.”
The major issues facing Adelanto presently, Reyes said, are “taxes and financial accountability from elected public officials.”
He said these challenges can be redressed in considerable measure “by legislation to require public bidding on large financial disbursements/contracts.”
Reyes said, “Financial accountability does not require taxpayer investments. It requires a strong investigation into what is wrong and how to correct it, so that we don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.”
Reyes possesses substantial previous experience relating to government, he said, as a result of “my previous employment as a building inspector for the City of Los Angeles dealing with the public and solving/resolving code issues.”
Reyes has lived in Adelanto for twenty years. He attended Benjamin Franklin High School in Los Angeles, graduating in the summer of 1962. He subsequently obtained an associate of arts degree from Citrus College in Azusa. He then earned a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and criminal justice from California Polytechnic University, Pomona. He also attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College in Los Angeles and Mount San Antonio College in Walnut.
In addition to his work as a public agency building inspector, Reyes has worked as an interpreter and as an entrepreneur with his Reyes Interpretation Services, which he owned and operated.
Reyes is married with four grown children. He has suffered the loss of one daughter, who is deceased from cancer. He has eight grandchildren.
A polio survivor, at the age of three-and-a-half he spent a considerable amount of time in an iron lung. “I recently raised over $21,000 for the Shriners Hospital, which helped me with braces, medical rehab, and counseling as a child.”
As a military veteran, Reyes said, “I have never backed down from fighting for that which is right or helping my fellow man, either here in America, or in foreign lands.”

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