Marsh Says His Election & Sales Tax Are Key To Victorville Advancing

Victorville Planning Commissioner Paul Marsh, who is seeking one of three positions on the Victorville City Council being contested in this year’s election, is making his campaign synonymous with a call for civic engagement.
With 21 hopefuls engaged in the race, Marsh said he is making a direct appeal to those elements of the Victorville community who believe in the ability of good government directed by a core of well-meaning, dedicated and farseeing elected officials to improve the quality of life of the local populace and transform neighborhoods into living environments in which parents can raise children in safety and confidence.
“Victorville, the Key City of the High Desert, offers many opportunities for business, E-commerce and families,” Marsh said. “With I-15 Freeway access, railway spurs and approved transportation routes, Victorville should be a sought-after location for businesses to locate in.”
In addition to Marsh, this year’s Victorville City Council contest features incumbents Blanca Gomez and Gloria Garcia, as well as Lionel Dew, Terrance Stone, Robert Bowen, Frank Kelly, Elizabeth Becerra, Lizet Angulo, Roger LaPlante, Adam Verduzco Jr., Craig Timchak, Webster Thomas, Ashiko Newman, Mike Stevens, Kimberly Mesen, Eric Negrete, Kareema Abdul, Ryan McEachron, Valentin Godina and Jerry Laws. Incumbent Councilman Jim Cox, whose term will elapse in December, is not seeking reelection.
Marsh said he believed that “Our city can do better. With the increase in crime, traffic accidents, and homelessness, Victorville does not have adequate law enforcement coverage. Vacant commercial buildings, poorly maintained parking lots and some neighborhoods have become eyesores.”
Two remedies to that dilemma exist on this year’s ballot, Marsh said, consisting of his candidacy for the city council and Measure P, which would impose an additional 1 percent sales tax on all purchases made in the city which are already subject to the statewide California sales tax. Marsh encouraged Victorville’s residents to support both. Measure P will give the city adequate means to deal with the issues it faces and his presence on the council will ensure that the money the city’s residents entrust to City Hall will be spent wisely and on those programs which will best address the community’s shortcomings, he said.
“In order for the city to address its challenges, more personnel must be added,” he said. “I support Measure P on Victorville’s November ballot that would add revenue to the city. This along with the revenue that will be generated by the new homes that are being built will boost the city’s financial position. Hiring more police to address rising crime and enable more traffic control will expand and extend public safety. Additional code enforcement officers will permit our city to address blight in Victorville. Homelessness, a huge problem with Victorville having the second highest number of those living on the streets among all the cities in the county, is in the process of being addressed. We’ve all seen the devastation caused by the homeless, including the destruction and serious damage to historical landmarks in our city. The Victorville City Council has approved a plan that will provide necessary services once funding/resource money for it is approved. After that assistance is in place, the city will be allowed to enforce our ordinances which will eliminate the encampments that exist all over our city for those who choose not to participate in a recognized program.”
Marsh offered a brief biographical overview.
“I moved to Victorville in 1962 when my father was assigned to George Air Force Base,” he said. “My mother taught at Park View School. I graduated from Victor Valley High School. My wife Lenita and I have been married 40 years. We have three children and four grandchildren. Being a self-employed loan officer affiliated with Home Funding Corporation, I originate home, commercial and hard money loans. Currently, I’m the vice-chair of the Victorville Planning Commission.”
He is the candidate for those who see local government as the most direct way to make a positive change in their environment and calibrate public services to meet everyday citizens’ needs, he said.
“The Victorville City Council needs members who can evaluate issues logically and offer commonsense solutions,” Marsh said. “I am running because I understand this election is pivotal. I will bring decorum and civility with consistency to the council. I am committed to make Victorville a safe and family-friendly city. My commitment is to return the tradition of vision and planning to Victorville.”

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