Miranda Says His Aim Is To Question The Status Quo In Montclair

Oscar Miranda said, “My drive to become a member of Montclair’s city council is fueled by my desire to improve the engagement and transparency between our city government and Montclair’s residents. I would like to promote the importance of local governance to our residents and increase local awareness of city, state, and federal policies. By being on the city council, I might have a better opportunity to not only discuss local matters with Montclair residents as their representative, but also be in a position to give a voice to the residents who lack the time to research all the local policies that are affecting them directly.”
In discussing his relative qualifications to hold the position of city councilman, Miranda said, “I hold no belief that I am qualified or unqualified. I am simply a person who has a track record of successfully completing the tasks I’m presented with. And while one should never assume he is going to succeed in one venture simply because he was successful in another, one can get a perspective on the amount of work and dedication required to simply have a chance at success through past experiences. So, in the category of engagement and dedication, I have no doubt these skills will serve me well to better my odds of being a positive representative for my fellow Montclair residents.”
Asked what distinguishes him from his opponents for the position on the council he is seeking, Miranda said, “While I don’t like to compare myself to my ‘opponents,’ speaking only about my accomplishments could lead one to believe that I have a fair amount of experience in various fields. I am a disabled U.S. Air Force veteran, which could help me to understand the needs of citizens who may require assistance in their daily lives. Serving in the military also gave me a perspective into putting the goals of the group ahead of one’s own personal desires. Another experience that displays my work ethic comes from the time I spent at Cal State University Long Beach while completing my bachelor of science degree in business administration. While doing so, I often took twice the workload of the average student, eight to ten courses per semester, to stay on track to complete my degree within a two-year window once I transferred in. The only way I was able to accomplish this was by focusing on the task at hand and limiting any outside distractions. After completion of my degree, I started my own business that I grew with increased profits year after year while employing unionized workers who were well compensated in pay, benefits and a pension funding.”
Miranda said, “One of the most vital issues that will be facing the City of Montclair as well as many other municipalities in the State of California will be the increased cost associated with the pension funding for the California Public Employees Retirement System. This has been a growing issue and has already started to impact every other program Montclair oversees. It has become an issue that has put stress on the city’s financials while taking a predominant role in all city budgeting workshops. Without addressing this issue, it will continue to hinder many conversations concerning other city programs and agendas.”
Miranda said the problem is a daunting one.
“I don’t know how to remedy the continued underfunding of the California Public Employee Retirement System pension program,” he said. “There are several approaches by other municipalities that can be examined; however, those options don’t seem to bring about a resolution without negatively impacting the community and its city employees. It is a problem that will require numerous individuals working together to find a creative resolution as soon as possible because without one, Montclair as well as most cities in California will have a difficult time continuing to fund a program that continues to financially stress our city budget.”
Miranda weighed in on the city’s current efforts to come to terms with its financial challenges.
“Unfortunately, the current city council has decided to place the funding burden on the citizens of Montclair and our surrounding neighbors by seeking a sales tax increase though a tax measure placed on this November’s ballot,” he said. “While I disagree with the means by which the city will go about in informing the public as to why the additional funds from the tax are needed and will be utilized, I cannot disregard the need for such funds based on a number of financial shortcomings the city will be facing in the near future. The only thing I can say is that my access to all available funding options is currently limited, so I cannot comment on whether all available options were genuinely considered prior to the city council’s decision to seek funding through a tax measure.”
In sizing up what previous experience relating to government he possesses, Miranda said his company’s articulation with government agencies at various levels provided him with practical knowledge of how the government works and carries out its function in conjunction with the private sector.
Miranda created and expanded a company that did street and road sweeping and cleaning in connection with road and freeway construction projects.
“My company subcontracted for many companies who were contracted on federal, state, and city projects,” Miranda said. “This is relevant because it has given me an understanding of how work is accomplished in the public sector. Most people wonder why certain things like placing a speed bump on your street can take so long. Well, I no longer wonder about that because I understand the various obstacles such a small project can entail. I have also been able to navigate many programs that helped to increase the working opportunities for my former company. Having this experience will help me in both the short and the long term of any of my decision-making as a city representative.”
Miranda has lived in Montclair for more than six years. “I purchased my home in Montclair in the middle of 2014,” he said.
Miranda grew up in Los Angeles and went to high school in Boyle Heights. He has a bachelor of arts degree in business administration from California State University Long Beach.
Miranda told the Sentinel, “I am currently enjoying semi-retirement after selling my company that I started in 2011. At present, I am helping my wife, who is an occupational therapist, to establish her company, Playhouse Therapy Center, Inc,. that will work in the advancement of children with special needs. With nothing else on my plate, I will dedicate the reminder of my free time to helping to improve upon the infrastructure, social, and educational programs and opportunities of Montclair.”
He and his wife have two children, ages two and one.
Miranda said, “My candidacy is focused on challenging current systems in place in an attempt to improve upon the present programs. I am not going to try to change things because I foolishly believe I know better than the current council, but simply desire to question the manner in which things are now being run in order to try and maximize the efficiency by which Montclair conducts its business.”

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