Grace Bernal’s California Style: Turtle Men

Recently I’m seeing the men pop up in turtlenecks. Wow! They sure look good in them, too. There’s something minimal yet classic about the turtleneck. This is not a piece to be taken only casually. It can also be dressed up. There’s also something nostalgic about the turtleneck, kind of mod-like. It’s a standout piece by itself, and  especially in men. Whether it’s a bomber jacket, coat, or blazer, you’re going to look great. Pairing a turtleneck with jeans or dress pants is another neat feature. The possibilities on wearing and pairing a turtleneck are endless. Fashion is all about having fun, and the turtle for men is definitely a sophisticated piece to have in your wardrobe. Have fun!

“A turtleneck is about sophistication.”  Dwyane Wade

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