Second Week Of Candidate Filing Brings More Applicants For March 2020 Primary Election

A few more hopefuls have tossed their hats in the ring for the political offices in San Bernardino County up for election in the upcoming March 3, 2020 California Primary.
Jeff Esmus, with no party preference, has joined Republicans Jay Obernolte and Jerry Laws, Green Party member Manuel Musquiz and Democrats Blanca Gomez, Bob Conaway, James Ellars and Charles Peterson in vying for Congress in the 8th Congressional District.
Republicans Christina Puraci and Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh have signed up to run for State Senate in the 23rd District, joining the three Democrats who took out papers last week, Hank Ramey, Abigail Medina and Kris Goodfellow.
Alex Walton, a Republican, has jumped into the contest to represent the 33rd District in the California Assembly, joining six others who took out papers last week:  Republicans Rick Herrick, Thurston Smith and Alex Walton, and Democrats Blanca Gomez, Roger La Plante and Socorro Cisneros.
Members of the Democratic Central Committee in San Bernardino County are elected based upon which Assembly District they reside in.
Sean L. Swoboda is seeking a berth on the Democratic Central Committee representing the 33rd Assembly District, joining with the previously declared Roger La Plante, Lizet Angulo, Valentino Godina, Sr., Fernando Hernandez, Denise Wells, Blanca Gomez, Doug Olson, Barbara James Dew, Lionel Dew, Mike Curran, Elise Brown, Leslie Irving, Rita Ramirez Dean, Kareema Abdul-Khabir and Stevevonna Evans.
Within the confines of Assembly District 41, Karen May has now entered the fray with the previously announced candidates for the Democratic Central Committee,  Wendy Lee Eccles, Irmalina Osuma, Linda Lou Baker and Peter Baker.
Daniel E. Peeden and Kareem Gongoria joined previously announced candidates Rafael Trujillo, Bobbie Jo Chavarria, Joe Britt, Gil Navarro, Mark Alvarez, Carol Robb, Marcela Soliz Ferguson, Christina Marquez, Dorothy Kim, Loretta Christine Arenas, Sean Holle, Tariq Azim and Stacie Marie Ramos, all of whom reside in Assembly District 47 and are seeking Democratic Central Committee membership.
Michael Abacherli, Sr. is now vying along with previously announced Robert Rego for a spot on the Republican Central Committee as a member of District 3.
Members of the Republican Central Committee in San Bernardino County are elected based upon which supervisorial district they call home
District 4 residents Benjamin Lopez and David Matza this week added themselves to previous applicants for a spot on the Republican Central Committee, those being James Na, Sylvia Cervantez Orozco, Andrew Cruz, Roman Gabriel Nava, Candice Cetrone, and Tyler James Ferrari.
Also looking to get onto the Republican Central Committee as a resident of the Fifth District is Henry Nickel. He joins Peter Torres and Karen Contreras, who took out papers last week.
In many of the races, no further candidates beyond those who took out papers last week have applied to run. Previously taking out candidacy papers in the contest  for Congress in the 31st Congressional District was Democratic incumbent Pete Aguilar; in the 35th Congressional District incumbent was Democrat Norma Torres; in the 39th Congressional District were Steve Cox, with no party preference, and Republican Young Kim; in State Senatorial District 21 were Republican Omar Ramirez and Democrat Blanca Gomez; in the 33rd California Assembly were Republicans Rick Herrick, Thurston Smith and Alex Walton, and Democrats Blanca Gomez, Roger La Plante and Socorro Cisneros; in the 36th Assembly District was Democrat Ollie McCaulley; in the 40th Assembly District was James Ramos, the incumbent; in Assembly District 42 was Democrat Deniantionette Mazingo; in State Assembly District 52 were Republican challenger Toni Holle and incumbent incumbent Democrat Freddie Rodriguez.
Scott Brown, Deborah McAfee and Victoria Chang, all residents of Assembly District 36, last week took out papers to seek membership in the Democratic Central Committee.
Candidates living within Assembly District 40 filing last week for positions on the Democratic Central Committee were James Albert, Lorraine Enriquez, Talat Khan, Frank Garcia, Valarie Lichtman, Jennifer Xicara, Andrea Vega, Gilda Gularte, Christina Leroy, Nancy Glenn, Mike Saifie, Terry Masl, Diana Cosand, Alice Ruiz, John Jesus Abad, Tim Prince and Ed Millican.
Deborah Dunaway, Nicholas Christensen, Debra Gail Savitt, Jo Ann Bollen, John Edward Brennan, Sara Lee, Matthew Mark Campos and Crystal Starr Wysong last week pulled papers to run for the Democratic Central Committee as residents of District 42.
Last week, Assembly District 52 residents Martina Rangel, Flora Juarez Martinez, Judy Jacobs, Chris Robles, Diane Boudreaux, Aaron Bratton and Camille Butts took out candidate papers for positions on the Democratic Central Committee.
Brenda Walker, James Gallagher, Kathryn Ann Gallagher, Dena Anderson-Peoples, Mario Gabriel Alfaro, Rodrick Lee Ertel, and Vincent Kaje Hennerty  are running for Democratic Central Committee positions as residents within District 55.
Valerie Emick, Christopher Dustin, Jo Ann Marie Betty, Rebekah Swanson, Eric Swanson and Shannon Shannon last week declared their intent to serve on the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee as residents of Supervisorial District 1.
Orlando Pardo last week declared he was vying to become a member of the Peace and Freedom Central Committee representing District 4.
Thus far, 39th Congressional District Democratic incumbent Gil Cisneros has not filed nomination papers.

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