Move Toward Reestablishing Wild Horse Canyon Shooting Range In Wrightwood

The Wrightwood Community Services District Board is considering a proposal to reestablish the long-shuttered Wild Horse Canyon Shooting Range.
Located in the National Forest at the periphery of Wrightwood, the shooting range was subject to the whims of the Bureau of Land Management, which more than 15 years ago decided to discontinue the use.
This summer, proponents of its revival presented just such a proposal to the Wrightwood Community Services District Board at its August meeting. The facility in question would incorporate pistol, rifle and shotgun ranges.
While the facility would need to meet standards and regulations pertaining to land use, environmental use, sound impacts, environmental impacts, firearm discharging in public areas and safety, a preliminary survey indicates the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management could prove amenable to the granting of a specified land use permit relating to both public access to forest lands and recreational use for a facility within the footprint of the old shooting range.
The site referred to has a boundary on one side that is nearly a half-mile long. It is easily accessed off Highway 2.
According to the discussions at the August Wrightwood Community Services District Board meeting, a commercial component would accompany the shooting range revival, including gun shops, ski shops and a Bass Pro Shop.
In addition to meeting county land use development standards, the project would need to be in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, which would include a survey or study of significant environmental impacts and measures to mitigate them. It is also anticipated that efforts would need to be made to keep any structures or elements of the project visually compatible with the surrounding area.
The proposal envisions the permanent employment of a resident camp host and range master.
The proponents have requested that the Wrightwood Community Services District act as the lead agency on the application for the land use permit with the National Forest under its Community Forest Program.
Input on the project concept can be made to the Wrightwood Community Services District in care of General Manager Lori Golden at the Wrightwood Community Services District office located at 1275 Hwy 2 or by mail to The Wrightwood Community Services District 1275 Hwy 2 P.O. Box 218 Wrightwood, CA 92397 or by phone at (760) 249-3205 or email at

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