Lovingood Signing Out As First District Supervisor; Future Politcal Goals Unclear

Robert Lovingood, San Bernardino County’s First District supervisor, will not seek reelection in 2020.
Lovingood was first elected to the board, representing the lion’s share of San Bernardino County’s vast desert outback, in 2012. He succeeded Brad Mitzelfelt, who after a term-and-a-half, had essentially wore out his welcome in the First District. Lovingood had a loose affiliation with Mitzelfelt, though that association did not interfere with his election in 2012 and his reelection in 2016.
No First District supervisor has served more than two terms on the board since Arthur Doran. Doran was appointed by Governor C.C. Young on December 2, 1928 to succeed C.S. Crain as First District San Bernardino County supervisor after Crain’s death, was elected in a special election in 1930 and then reelected in 1932, 1936, 1940 and 1944 before leaving office in 1948. Lovingood appears unwilling to test fate by running for supervisor once more. It has been suggested that he may seek election in the 33rd Assembly District next year if Jay Obernolte, the incumbent, seeks election in the 8th Congressional District, if the incumbent there, Paul Cook, opts out of seeking election. Cook, Obernolte and Lovingood are all Republicans. Lovingood has sometimes been mentioned as a possible successor to Cook.
Lovingood made no mention of his future political intent in making his announcement.
“I have decided not to seek a third term as supervisor of the First District for San Bernardino County,” Lovingood announced today. “The decision has been a very difficult one, as I have truly enjoyed serving as First District Supervisor for the past seven years. Some of my proudest endeavors have
been launching our “Made in the High Desert” Manufacturing Summit and Veterans Resource Fair. Both of these annual events have allowed us to serve our local residents by connecting them to resources within the county.”
Lovingood said, “During my tenure as First District supervisor, the county has faced many challenges. Despite the difficulties, there are many accomplishments to be proud of. Some noteworthy achievements include:
* A Technical Training Center is in process of being established in the High Desert through the collaborative efforts of San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board, Victor Valley College, private employers and business partners.
* The Vision2Succeed Initiative launched in late 2018 through the collaborative efforts of Workforce Development and the county administrative office. This initiative is designed to strengthen the career skills of our local workforce and enhance their qualifications to support existing employers and attract new employers to our county.
* Road and Infrastructure improvements have been an important focus area with some great progress.
* Through advocacy work with the District Attorney office, attention has been given to address Welfare and Workers Compensation Fraud in San Bernardino County. The impact of this work has resulted in significant savings to both taxpayers and employers.
* GenerationGo! was established by the County through our Workforce Development Board. This program provides internship opportunities for high school seniors to be dual enrolled with a community college and gain on-the-job training experience with a local employer, allowing a student and employer to find a good career fit for long term success.
* Community Advocacy is a continual effort of staff to help connect our residents with resources within the County.”
Lovingood continued, “Although I will no longer be serving as a county supervisor after November 2020, I plan to stay actively involved as a business and community member. I am committed to ensure that our district receives the best education and economic opportunities possible and will continue to advocate for the growth of jobs in our region.”

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