Hesperia Council Moves To Slow 2026 Cal Gubernatorial Hopeful Brosowski’s Rise

This week, two of Jeremiah Brosowske’s Hesperia City Council colleagues, including one who was directly responsible for advancing his political career and supporting Brosowske’s past and current berth on the council, initiated what appears to be the most serious and concerted effort yet to check the political advance of the young political juggernaut.
At the age of 28, Brosowske appears to be an irresistible political force, whose advance in politics and into positions of governmental power is being guided by a hidden hand or set of hands. The avowed purpose of the mysterious but unmistakably powerful cabal behind him is to advance him toward assuming California’s governorship or a position in the U.S. Senate, from which he can launch a campaign for U.S. President, in what is hoped will be the most viable effort of a third party candidate in U.S. History, exceeding those of both Theodore Roosevelt and Ross Perot. In short, Brosowske embodies the ambition for reinventing the Libertarian Party as a political mainstay in the United States in the 21st Century.
To incubate his political career, Brosowske ran successfully for office as a representative of the associated student body at Victor Valley College, thereafter working assiduously on the candidacies of several Republican candidates. He was taken under the wing of Curt Hagman, a former Chino Hills mayor, California assemblyman and now the chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and Fourth District county supervisor, who in 2014 was the chairman of the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee. Hagman arranged for Brosowske’s hiring as the executive director of the Republican Central Committee. In that capacity, Brosowske ingratiated himself with a multiplicity of Republican Party stalwarts in San Bernardino County, which is one of the last bastions of the GOP in increasingly Democratic Party-dominated California. Brosowske is a protégé of Bill Postmus, a former First District county supervisor, former chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, former chairman of the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee and former San Bernardino County assessor. As one of his last accomplishments before he was imprisoned on political corruption charges last year, Postmus guided the effort to establish Brosowske into elected office, doing so by an effective campaign to have Brosowske appointed to a vacant position on the Hesperia City Council after the death of then-Mayor Russ Blewett in May 2018. Postmus pulled that feat off by a series of secret arrangements which included putting the arm on three members of the Hesperia City Council as it was then composed – Bill Holland, Rebecca Swanson and Paul Russ, Republicans all – to rig Brosowske’s appointment. Participating in the arrangement was Bill Jensen, a former Hesperia mayor and city councilman who had been one of Postmus’s political associates.
Brosowske, along with Brigit Bennington, Victoria Dove, Russell Harris, Linda Holder, Robert Nelson, Anthony Rhoades, Veronica Rios and Chester Watts, applied for the council position. On July 11, 2018 the city council held a specially-scheduled meeting to interview the candidates and thereupon make an appointment. All of the candidates participated in that forum except Watts, who was infirm and could not attend. The appointment candidates were excluded from the meeting chambers so they would not have an opportunity to hear the questions in advance of their own interviews. Holland, as the mayor, arranged to have Brosowske interviewed second last. Jensen, after witnessing the interviews of the first four candidates, retreated to the foyer in City Hall, where Brosowske was waiting to be called in for his interview. He provided Brosowske with the questions being asked and an outline of the responses his rivals for the position were giving. With that advantage, Brosowske came in and knocked them dead with his answers. The council voted 3-to-1, with Paul Russ, Bill Holland and Rebekah Swanson prevailing and councilman Larry Bird dissenting, to appoint Brosowske. In November 2018, Hesperia held its first by-district election as opposed to at-large elections in its 30-year history as an incorporated city. On the strength of his incumbency, the advice and guidance Postmus provided him throughout that campaign prior to the former county supervisor having to report for incarceration in the state prison system on November 30, 2018 and a campaign war chest of a staggering proportion that was twenty times the size of anyone else in the municipal race, Brosowske outdistanced the other candidate vying in the city’s newly created Fourth District, Brigit Bennington.
Curiously, despite his having moved into office so that he can ticket punch his way toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brosowske had encountered some rough sledding, alienating many of his allies, including virtually all of those who were instrumental in putting him into the elective office he now holds.
This spring, an effort to recall Holland from office was hatched. Reports poured in that Brosowske was behind that campaign. That, quite clearly, disenfranchised Brosowske from Holland and appears to have affronted Swanson. More recently, Russ, who was defeated in November and replaced on the council by Cameron Gregg, has voiced dismay at what he believes is Brosowske’s disruption of the Republican camaraderie on the council. And Jensen, who was a major factor in getting Brosowske appointed, has turned on him, as well. Jensen, who is active in the real estate industry, was reportedly involved in finding Brosowske digs in Hesperia to make him eligible for appointment to the council last summer as well as to run in the Fourth District last fall. Jensen is now claiming Brosowske never lived in Hesperia.
At Tuesday night’s council meeting, Brosowske seemed to have an inkling of what was coming his way. He attempted, somewhat awkwardly and ultimately ineffectively, to hold an olive branch out to his council colleagues.
“I think its time to move in a positive direction,” Brosowske said. “I get tired of public comment being constantly negative and negative and negative. I hope we can work together to find solutions. I don’t care if you don’t like me, you never voted for me, if you’re one of the biggest donors to my opponent, I want to work with you. I hope we can all come together in a positive light to make this city better instead of negative rhetoric time and time again with personal attacks. I think it’s time to move the city forward and try to give back to this community.  We might not all agree on everything, but I will say something nice about all of my colleagues. Ms Swanson loves animals and cares greatly about this community. Bill Holland has a record of service that’s pretty much unmatched. If I wanted to ask him what happened in 2010, he can tell you the fight with the truckers and you don’t want to go in that direction because you’re going to get lit up on it, and he’s usually right on it. I probably hate to admit that. Mr. Bird [i.e., Mayor Larry Bird] is a principal who cares deeply about Sultana [High School], as much as he does [about] being in the mayor’s seat. I know he loves being the mayor right now. He works hard at it. He goes to community events.  Cameron Gregg, I’ve seen you from the first time when you were a candidate when you looked nervous as hell til now. You come up here, you are confident, you dress well, you are very poised and you have a direction you want to take the city in. I think you grew up in the city and you want to move the city forward. Myself included, I want to bring relationships forward. I want to make the city better. We might not all be able to agree on things, but the commonalities is [sic] what we should find, whether we’re in the middle of chaos or not. We’re here to represent our residents, and personally, I’m not going to let the negativity bring me down or upset me and if people want to say negative things, I might get upset. I’ll probably walk away from the dais from now on because I don’t want to listen to that. If you want to come to me, come to me with what you think is a problem with me, I will sit down with you and buy you a coffee and totally try to find a solution with you.  This might be my last term on this council because I don’t like the negativity because I feel like there’s so many positive things to do for the city.”
Gregg said, “Corruption has to go. No political kickbacks. With that being said, I’d like to place on the next agenda an item for discussion, a request to appoint a special counsel for an investigation of potential felony voter fraud committed by Councilmember Jeremiah Brosowske, and that will settle that dispute there. Like you said,” Gregg said, turning to Brosowske, “I’m more than happy to move on, and this is the best way to do so, where the light is out there shining and we all have clear heads moving forward with facts versus comments and all that stuff, so I’d like to see that happen. Place that on the agenda, if you can,” Gregg instructed City Manager Nils Bentsen.
Gregg added, “Additionally, keeping with that same tradition there, I’d also like to place on a future agenda, whether the next coming up one or down the road, a ballot initiative aimed at campaign finance reform to where we can actually create some sort of standards where there is not all kinds of outside money being funneled into this city. I think that will cut down on a lot of the corruption.”
Holland said, “Along the lines of what Cameron brought up, I’d also like to agendize a future item, and that is to enter into a discussion and possible vote to vacate the seat held by Jeremiah Brosowske due to non-residency. There’s been a lot of chatter, talk folks presented indicating he didn’t live here during the appointing process, during the election process and to date. I’d like to see that come back at the next meeting.”
In addition to Brosowske’s apparent efforts to assist in the Holland recall, his move to disassociate himself from the Republican Party to move to a leadership role in the Libertarian Party may also have ruffled some feathers. Brosowske has embraced California’s move toward the legalization of marijuana, a position more in keeping with the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. The Party of Lincoln touts itself as pro-law enforcement and considers marijuana legalization to be a step toward chaos and widespread criminality. In a recent screed, Brosowske put out that marijuana use should be tolerated by society and that its legalization is in keeping with libertarian principles. He announced his readiness to work with applicants for cannabis-oriented businesses to assist them in obtaining government-issued permits and licenses to operate.
An indication of some hidden hand sponsoring Brosowske’s political aspirations was his having been hired as an assistant general manager with the West Valley Water District in Rialto. That position pays an annual salary of $189,592 augmented by $62,500 in benefits. Brosowske has virtually no experience or expertise in water operations. The position is widely considered to be a sinecure that was provided to Brosowske so he has personal financial stability and can fatten his résumé to pursue furthering his political career.
Word came today of another blow to Brosowske’s political aspirations with the death of billionaire David Koch, a dual Republican Party and Libertarian Party political activist, who has been attempting to guide the Republican Party toward Libertarian principles and is said to be one of the patrons bankrolling the campaign to promote Brosowske.
-Mark Gutglueck

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