Grace Bernal’s California Style: Knitting the Statement

Sweater dressing is definitely the statement of the moment. These knits don’t need to shout because the embellishments speak for themselves. Embellished knits and sweaters are everywhere and the designs they come in are feeling pretty good when worn. Some have graphic design and some are all about unexpected detail. They’re pretty charming and fun statement pieces. Cold has never felt better in these knits. They make any denim pop and fun for any occasion. Knits worn under your best blazer look sharp for work or the after-work cocktail hour. Also, when your sweater is eye-catching, you can keep the rest of your outfit simple. Knits can be dressed up or down, making them perfect pieces for any occasion. Black denim and black flats with a statement is the chic thing for any hour of the day. So, get to to your statement knits and start wearing your favorite pieces on the streets. Enjoy!

“Designers don’t put out the same sweater every year. They just keep creating.” -Elayne Boosler

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