Grace Bernal’s California Style: Packing Fanny

Style 10 26The Fanny Pack is alive and conquering the world of fashion right now. Back in my day the Fanny was a tourist bag and somewhat odd. Since trendsetter LeBron James has begun his man purse craze, Fanny has received much attention and the drift is kicking up a storm. Some designs are looking very creative, too. I’ve been watching Fanny peek through fashion and it has definitely become a thing of the moment. The pack is available in many options, anything from an extravagant belted handbag to a simple sporty looking waist bag. Fanny is making a hit with all ages and genders. And they look great when worn hung over the shoulder and across the chest. It’s a great and fun accessory for anyone, as well. Fanny, once considered hideous, is now cool with everyone. I love how youth embraces trends today and goes with it. They make Fanny into great-looking and convenient-wearing streetwear. Take it from me, a young man with a Fanny is stunning in his suit on his way to homecoming or prom. Let’s see if a young lady will belt up her HoCo or prom look with Fanny. This accessory is also the perfect companion for traveling, running errands, and even belting up the waist with a cute sweater or coat. Stay tuned for more on these packs because they are going farther than the season expects.

“With only one bag, you can change your outfit completely.” Sonia Rykiel

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