Shadman Running To Represent Both The 1st District & The Upcoming Generation In YV

Edmund Shadman, a 33 year-old California native who has lived in the Town of Yucca Valley since 2006, said he resolved to run for town council this year to provide a voice to other entrepreneurs and small business owners, to promote family values and support the community in general.
“My family, friends and many in my community recognized that I’m a problem solver and have encouraged me to help improve our community,” Shadman said. “I love living here, in this small community town. I want to see its people thrive and the town to be a success, all of which has fueled my decision to run for town council.”
He is not inexperienced with regard to community involvement, Shadman emphasized.
“I currently have the privilege of serving my community as a member of the board of directors of several nonprofit and charitable organizations, with missions to improve the health and well-being of those in need of help,” he said. “I also serve the public through my local business. In these roles I’ve had the opportunity to hone the skills needed to work effectively with others, implement practical solutions, and achieve sustainable success. I can’t think of any higher calling than to use my skills and passion for people and community to serve the residents who live in the Town of Yucca Valley. I pledge my commitment to listen to the concerns and suggestions of everyone, with a clear goal to address them to the town council.”
The 21st Century is upon us, Shadman said, requiring innovation and change, as well as agility on the part of the town’s elected leadership.
“With the rapid growth of our community, we are faced with many changes and challenges including increased homelessness, traffic problems, and the serious issue of crime impacting public safety,” Shadman said. “Working together with our local law enforcement, social welfare and health services, and the California Department of Transportation, we can utilize our town budget to make real and necessary impacts to address these critical issues.”
Shadman is competing against Jim Schooler in the race for District 1 councilman. This is the first time in the town’s 27-year history as an incorporated governmental entity that it has conducted ward elections for town council. Previously, council members were elected in at-large contests in which candidates from throughout 40-square mile Yucca Valley were eligible to run town-wide and voters were free to participate in electing all of the council’s members. This year, races are being held in the town’s 1st, 3rd and 5th districts. Each district is to be represented by a resident from within its confines and residents can vote only with regard to the representation of the district in which they reside.
“When asked what distinguishes me from my opponent,” Shadman said, “it’s clear: we come from different generations, different life and professional experiences and backgrounds. Half of our town’s residents are under 40 years old, many of which are starting families, have young children in school, and are trying to build a strong foundation for their families. I will represent the diversity and shared realities of our whole community. A town council with more age balance would serve the best interests of everyone who lives in Yucca Valley.”
Shadman continued, “More importantly, I will represent the people of Yucca Valley with integrity, ethics, and the highest of moral standards. I vow to work for the people and with my fellow council members to find ways forward towards the goal of sustainable economic, environmental, and social development.”
Speaking directly to his fellow 1st District residents, Shadman said, “I look forward to meeting you and serving you, the people. Please vote Edmund Shadman Yucca Valley Town Council District 1 on Tuesday, November 6, or vote by mail beginning October 11.”

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