Dutrey Seeking Montclair Mayoralty After 28 Years On City Council And Planning Commission

John Dutrey, who has been on the Montclair City Council since 1996, is seeking the voters’ endorsement this year in a bid to become mayor. If he is successful, he will succeed Ginger Eaton, the widow of longtime Mayor Paul Eaton, who died earlier this year. Dutrey is pitted against another veteran of the council, Carolyn Raft, as well as Sousan Elias and Kelly Smith, who have not yet held elective office in Montclair.
Dutrey, a 1983 graduate of Montclair High, said he is running for mayor because, “I grew-up in Montclair, I am loyal to Montclair, and I can provide great leadership for Montclair.”
His complete familiarity with the 5.52-square mile, 39,000-population city gives him a leg up on the competition, Dutrey indicated. When he was yet in his twenties, Dutrey began a six year stint on the Montclair City Planning Commission. At the age of 31, he was elected to the city council. In his 22 years on the council, he was mayor pro tem for eight years, filling in for Mayor Paul Eaton in his absences.
He is distinguished from his opponents, Dutrey said, in that “I have a strong understanding of municipal government, a firm grasp of Montclair issues, a vision for Montclair’s future, can provide strong leadership, have strong support from regional mayors and council members, and truly care about Montclair.”
In outlining what he considers to be the major issues facing the city, Dutrey said he counts “continued pension cost increases impacting the city budget, the development of north Montclair to continue as regional destination that includes the Montclair Place reinvigoration and bringing the Gold Line to Montclair, beautifying the city, improving our streets and parks, and keeping Montclair safe” to be the defining challenges over the next four years.
Noting that “These issues are important for Montclair’s future” and “The city is currently engaged in these issues,” Dutrey said it should be the mayor’s task to keep the rest of the council as well as city staff on point with continuing the progress the city has already achieved, while widening the same solid foundation that has been laid so that work in that regard can proceed.
“The mayor’s role is to ensure staff and council remains focused, engage stakeholders to continue these projects, and advocate for these issues,” Dutrey said.
Dutrey said he is confident that prudent management of the city’s financial resources in the past will continue, and that this will allow the city to pay for the work Montclair needs to accomplish.
“The city has budgeted for many of these projects,” he said. “The goal is ensure the funds are effectively expended at the appropriate time.”
Dutrey is employed with the City of Rialto, where he manages that city’s housing programs. In explaining what range of experience relating to government he possesses, he said, “I work in municipal government, focused on economic development, urban planning and affordable housing. I served as planning commissioner for six years.”
He holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science and a master of arts degree in public administration, both earned from California State University at San Bernardino.
He and his wife, Anne, have two children, Chris and Janine. His son is currently serving in the Army.  He has one granddaughter.

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