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No Fan Of Rodriquez

I note that appointed Councilman Paul Rodriguez (who recently afforded himself the honorary title of “Doctor”) is seeking formal election to the Chino City Council seat he assumed some eight months ago, a rather remarkable ploy considering his recent reputation.
For those unfamiliar with the premise, Rodriguez is in the fast lane to potentially be the first Chino city councilman brought up on charges not only of violation of the Brown Act, but for the added charge of perjury.
Thus far, in the scant eight months he has been on the dais, Rodriguez has proven to me only four truths:
First, that he is not opposed to making anti-policy, predetermined decisions on matters requiring Council vote that are mandated to be debated in public before any decision is made and encouraging other Council members to join him;
Second, he feels no obligation to comply with a written request for records under the California Public Records Act and is willing to perjure himself as to the existence of the records being requested. (For a complete review of the issue and the hard, factual evidence of his illegal activities as presented by former mayor Larry Walker in the 12/19/17 Council meeting, see the Sentinel’s report of that meeting as published in the 12/30/17 edition, available online);
Third, that he believes it is his obligation in City Council meetings to engage in a self-serving, personal discourse that has no relationship whatsoever to the topic at hand (for that embarrassingly documented City Council moment, refer to the YouTube tape of the 12/19/17 Council meeting);
Fourth, that he feels completely justified in first ignoring and then rudely dismissing the urging of Mayor Eunice Ulloa to either end his oration or limit it to the topic at hand.
While Brown Act violation is not strictly an indictable charge, it calls into serious question not only the offenses committed by Rodriguez, but the judgment of the public officials (former mayor Dennis Yates and current councilmember Earl Elrod) who support Rodriguez’s election and sponsored a recent fundraiser. It might be suggested that Messrs. Yates and Elrod hitch themselves to a less wobbly wagon.

Alana Carson,

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