Grace Bernal’s California Style: Summer Dressing

Style 07 07Summer is here and it feels like a burning tornado in sunny California. The different colors of summer are everywhere and everyone is adding them to their wardrobe, be it through a dress, blouse, or shorts. A typical day in California brings a whole revival of summer clothes and undecorated huge hats. These hats are a big thing for this summer. It’s just an old fashioned hat to keep the sun out of the way! Also, seeing young people in shorts, dresses, capris, and booming the large hats really shows the Dog Days are upon us.  And, then there’s men’s wear and some guys aren’t just in t-shirts and jeans. Some are looking pretty classy in summer suits and they look splendid. When summer arrives, fashion takes an interesting twist because the heat is on and we Californians must find creative ways to stay cool when we’re not at the beach. Stay cool and have fun during the summer heat.

“To keep your skin looking healthy and young, wear a hat.” – Mia Sara

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