Grace Bernal’s California Style: Into Yellow

Style 07 28Summer is definitely vibrant with color and shining bright all over San Bernardino County. One color standing out as of late is yellow and its like an ancient painting with the shades of light medium and deep yellow that penetrates right into your visual cortex. People are wearing the color with matching hats, handbags, and shoes. The dresses I’m seeing have yellow and beige insects, and some dresses have more detail like beaded insects. It really is looking great this summer, with all the yellow detail everywhere. The clothes people are wearing are really shining in the sun. A nice hint of yellow comes with the gold brassy shoes which go great with yellow elsewhere. Also, the deep tone sun flower yellow looks great on a tanned bod and the prints in the color yellow look really neat, too. We love cutoff jeans in California but when it comes to color we know how to make fashion interesting. And, if you’re a cyclist, the cycling shirts look great in yellow. It’s like bringing art to the streets. Yellow is a feel good color and why not let the sun in? After all, it’s summer.

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” -Vincent Van Gogh

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