Grace Bernal’s California Style: Easter Parade

Style 4 14Easter is a century old tradition full of fantasy and with it come centuries of style. Easter is filled with fun dressing up and with anything you can possibly think of. Because everyone enjoys dressing up for Easter, it’s always neat to see the people in their ultimate Sunday best. Watching all the different themes from decorated men’s jackets, to bunny ears, and conservative dresses paired with vintage hats is my idea of an Easter Parade. The best one is always the top hat because it is so fancy and perfect for the Easter season. Most of all, people love dressing up their kids and they are so cute in their dressy clothes. I think Easter shouldn’t just be once a year and it should be changed to every Sunday, at least in the springtime. It’s always wonderful to see someone take a conventional piece and make it fashionably creative like a spring jacket for a fun occasion with floral, or insect arrangements. Everything develops in the fashion world and we all need duality to get out of a rut. With that said, I hope you have a wonderful and dressy Easter. Keep the fun coming!

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.” -Carolina Herrera

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