Love Is In The Air Above Chino & In Philatelists’ Hearts All Over The USA

Chino and the Chino Airport brought themselves some attention this week, as the U.S. Postal Service has selected the Planes of Fame Air Museum to host the unveiling of the newest addition to the service’s “Love Stamps,” in this case the forever stamp, “Love Skywriting.”
The sky-blue stamp is to be issued at the “forever” price of 47 cents, Postal Service officials said, meaning it will cover the cost of sending a letter now and into the future, even if postal rates increase. It will go on sale at noon tomorrow at post offices across America, all 32,000 of them. Some quarter of a billion of the stamps are being printed.
As part of the christening of the stamp, the Postal Service contracted with the Las Vegas-based company Skytypers, which flies out of Chino Airport, to reproduce what is depicted on the stamp: the word Love in white skywriting against a blue sky background.
That display, which was done a day early because of anticipated clouds and rain tomorrow, raised heads all over the greater Chino Valley. The event has attracted people, including philatelists who have come to Chino, arriving as early as last night, and who will be on hand for the unveiling tomorrow.

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