Appeal For Help In Finding Sadistic Killers And Torturers Of Lucerne Valley Dogs

The district attorney’s animal cruelty prosecution unit, in conjunction with the sheriff’s rural crimes task force, have been and continue to investigate the death of two pit bulls in Lucerne Valley.
In Aug. 2016, the dogs were found deceased, tied up and mangled. One had a rope around its neck and the other had a chain. The dogs have since been identified as Diamond and Sophia, two pit bulls previously reported missing by a Lucerne Valley resident.
“This vicious crime along with the gruesome photos circulating on social media have generated understandable public outrage,” according to a statement from the district attorney’s office. “We are committed to gaining the evidence needed to hold any and all perpetrators responsible for this act.
“At this time, we are seeking the public’s help,” a press release from the district attorney’s office announced. “If you have any additional information that would help identify who is responsible for this crime, please contact our animal cruelty prosecution unit at (909) 945-4400.

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