California Style: Street Fashion Credibility


By Grace Bernal
Two weeks ago I traveled outside of San Bernardino County to the Los Angeles Mission and visited with Scott Johnson, who is the vice president of operations. I had the opportunity to meet with Christian Urias who lives in the L.A. Mission. Christian was one of 15 people accepted into Pepperdine University’s special program degree certification for the homeless. He will be graduating December 15th 2016. Upon completion Christian’s goal is to go mobile with his fashion ideas. He intends to help homeless people living on the streets and low income people by bringing his mobile boutique to them with affordable fashion prices. Twentyfive-year-old Christian was living dangerously on the streets, and with the help of the Los Angeles Mission and the Mission chaplain he received help to jump start into society through the enterprise program offered by Pepperdine University for L.A. Mission people who are wanting to better themselves. The program teaches entrepreneurial skills, and through this Chris got the idea of his mobile boutique. Pepperdine also offers a grant once the course is completed, and Chris is part of the grant due to his completed business plan. The small grant is to help get started and get out of homelessness. This kid has definitely been through some trials and tribulations but his plan and love for fashion is what has kept him from going back to a life on the streets and onward to a life that he really wants. He is on his way to to getting his mobile boutique, and clothes lined up but will continue to need help. If you would like to learn more about Chris and how to help jumpstart his career, please reach out: Scott Johnson His number at the Los Angeles Mission is: (213) 629-1227 x 467, or email: Chris’s art is sure to take him places, and it is only because of his determination and passion for living doing what he truly loves. He has a way to go to get his Mobil boutique but for now he’s survived the fashion street scene.
“City streets are the real runways” – Anonymous

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