Redlands Sets Budget

REDLANDS—The City of Redlands has approved budget for 2016-17 that anticipates a $64.4 million and $57.8 million in expenditures.
At the close of the 2015-16 fiscal year ending yesterday, June 30, the city had $10.3 million salted away in its reserves. The $6.6 million in excess of expenditures the city believes it will have accumulated over the next 12 months will be used in various ways. Potential economies over that period could boost the city’s unreserved balance to as much as $8.9 million.
The city will operate on a $64.4 million budget in 2016-17. Expenses are estimated at $57.8 million. The city expects a $93,451 surplus and $8.9 million unreserved balance on June 30, 2017.
City Manager Nabar Martinez has recommended some modest capital repairs and replacements such as $300,000 for replacing fire station roofs, $150,000 for sidewalk repair and another $150,000 to purchase two police cruisers.

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