City Of Progress Fixing To Spend $78 Million In 2016-17

HESPERIA—The Hesperia City Council last month approved a $78 million balanced budget for Fiscal year 2015-17, which begins today, July 1. That $78 million figure is $7.9 million more than its 70.1 million budget in just concluded 2015-16.
The City of Progress’s spending plan is balanced with regard to both its general fund spending and all of its capital and enterprise spending, which lies outside the general fund. The city will salt away ten percent of its available revenues for all city operations.
Although the city anticipates revenues from sales and use taxes in 2016-17 to be down slightly from 2015-16, revenue overall is expected to increase by $1.2 million this year over last.
The Water District, which comprises 32-percent of the overall revenue budget, is increasing by 29-percent or $5.8 million, which is primarily due to receiving $1.5 million from the Proposition 84 Drought Relief Grant and $4.7 million from the Proposition 1 Grant that must be used on the Reclaimed Water Distribution System project.

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