California Style Manning Up

By Grace Bernal
The temperature turned a new leaf in San Bernardino County making the chill factor no more. Never know where the weather is going to take you but we all dress according to weather. This change of weather didn’t stop the men’s fashion week in NYC. With that said, men’s fashion is headed to the fedora and brim hats, when we are talking about men’s accessories. But aside from the extreme weather, the interpretation of what men are wearing has included sweaters, which are overriding the coat or jacket, and it looks really nice and clean. I also learned the show was short this year, which proves that a good and simple idea can create a season. The young men of today are very experimental. Included with the sweater are high collared dress shirts. Some women experimented and looked great in men’s style clothing. Reminding us of the eras like when a girl wore her boyfriend’s suit, or Annie Hall, and Dietrich. Fashion is about expressing your soul. Men have a lot to do when it comes to fashion and I can’t say it enough: They are leading the pack because they’re not afraid to express who they are and what they want to wear. Until next week, enjoy the weather.

“Style is the perfection of a point of view.” – Richard Eberhart

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