Williams Still Determined To Be Presence in CVFD

Former Chino Valley Fire District board member Winn Williams is making a bid to return to the board.
Three positions on the board of directors are up for election – those held by incumbents John DeMonaco, Brian Johsz and Sarah Evinger. Williams was a firefighter from 1969 until 2002, at which point he took a disability retirement. He had a berth on the board in 2005, but was unsuccessful in an election bid in 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2013.
In 2006, he applied for reinstatement with the fire district, claiming he was recovered from his disability. In October 2010, a court ruled that he should be reinstated. The district appealed and the appellate court found there was no legal grounds upon which to force his rehiring. The district sought to have Williams cover the district’s $5,368, in legal costs in opposing his legal action. Williams was ordered to do so by the trial court, but that ruling was reversed upon appeal.

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