California Style Simple Cool

By Grace Bernal
Things are looking casual in the fashion scene. The dress shirt is refreshing, comfortable and perfect for any occasion like the office, a festivity, and plain old fun. It’s really a very traditional look full of of simplicity, function, and comfort. The shirt dress dates back to the sleeping shirt of the early centuries and the comfort and clean lines are uplifting today. You can belt them, loosen them, or tie them up. You can also get creative with sandals, heels, boots, and open toe booties. Just can’t go wrong with this simple piece during the hot season. The shirt dress will definitely help you stay cool. The dress shirt really expresses liberation in the 21st century. Take care and keep it simple cool this week in San Bernardino County.
Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia and draws inspiration from the best of the past.
-Lana Del Rey

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