California Style: Seasonal Innovation

By Grace Bernal
It’s been a weird cycle for May with the sunny and gloomy days that keep happening. But the previews of art have been revealed and I absolutely love it. The creative spirit of people really comes to life when one knows how to mix colors. Some of the most creative people have cultivated a knack for injecting inject prints, colors, and patterns to make outfits come to life. Creative people really are know how to install a simple twist to transform things. When they do black, they know how to add a special spirit to it. It is inspiring to see people get creative in such a colorful and beautiful way. The people of today know how to create fashion moments in the everyday world. They think things out and put their minds to work in the most innovative way. Gotta love art! Until next week, stay tuned.

“I love fashion and there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear.”
~Victoria Justice

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