Creativity In Spring

By Grace Bernal
It’s warming up nice here in Southern California and everyone is feeling the change of the season. The fascinating fashion scene is full of fantasy and people are walking the streets looking completely stylish. There is much to learn from the fashion eras of the 18th  and 19th centuries, and from the 20s and 30s from the 20th Century, for that matter. Fashion should not be confused with style, but fashion provides a springboard for learning about and discussing style.
Although hats tend to disappear, vintage hats look great and creative when shared out on the street. The fascinator is my personal favorite because it is creative and full of color.
Also, the color in the style of dress that is brought in to outfits that people are wearing is full of creativity. People really know how to bring color together. It’s like fantasy and reality getting married, and that makes for some amazing outfits. There is a spring dress parade full of color out there. People are creating a real fashion parade this spring. Because they are creating real fashion, style is being brought  to life, catching attention and putting our eyes to work. It’s nice to know beautiful creativity exists and see it come in the spirit of the people. Enjoy the streets and keep creating.

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