SCE Soils Test Punctures Water Line

(March 11) Soils Testing Southern California Edison was doing on Monday March 8 resulted in the perforation of a 16” water main in Chino Hills.
Edison had originally gained permission to put electrical lines for the Southern California Edison Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project, which is to bring electricity generated at a wind farm in Kern County to the Los Angeles Basin, on 197-foot high towers. But in 2013, the California Energy Commission reversed itself, calling upon Edison to put the lines underground through Chino Hills and de-erect 18 of the towers the company had already put up.
The waterline, which runs in a north-south alignment at a depth of 8 feet and crosses the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project right of way, was damaged during geotechnical boring. The water supply to some residences and Boys Republic was completely cut off and water pressure to some nearby homes was reduced. By 1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, however, water service to the area was restored.
The city of Chino Hills utilized public works crews to pump the water from a pit near the line break close to Cork Street.

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