Fahrlender Resigns From Phelan Pinon Hills CSD

(January 26)  Longtime Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services District Board Member Joe Fahrlender has resigned from his position, effective January 15.
A fiscal conservative, Fahrlender refused on more than one occasion to support appropriations passed by his board colleagues over the years.
In recent months, Fahrlender, who  long had access to the county leadership of the Republican Party, expressed his doubts that Jim Brulte’s leadership of the GOP at the state level or Curt Hagman’s leadership of the party at the county level, could make inroads on the clout of the Democrats.
Fahrlender was the runner-up to Richard Hall in the 2012 race for the Division 3 position on the Mojave Water Agency Board of Directors.
Fahrlender became a Phelan Pinon Hills director on January 28, 2009. While he yet owns property in Phelan and has a legal residence there, he is now dividing his time between California and Arkansas.
As a result of Fahrlender’s resignation, the Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services District is undertaking a search to replace him for the two years that remain on his current term.
The district has now advertised for any interested candidates meeting the district residency requirement to submit a letter of interest, a personal resume and any other materials deemed by the candidate to be appropriate by 5 p.m. today (January 31) to the district’s office at 4176 Warbler Road in Phelan.

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