Brauer To Depart Loma Linda City Council

LOMA LINDA—After 20 years on the city council, Stan Brauer will be leaving office later this year. Brauer was first elected in 1992, reelected four times since and was appointed by his colleagues to serve as mayor for four years, He has decided against serving a sixth term.
Three of the positions on the city council in Loma Linda are up for election this year. Two of the incumbents whose terms expire this year, Rhodes Rigsby and Ovie Popescu, are seeking reelection.
Rigsby is currently serving in the appointed mayor’s slot.
John Lenart, a medical doctor at Loma Linda University Medical Center who is currently serving on the planning commission, has filed for candidacy on the council.
With only three in the race, the city is likely to cancel the June election, declare the three winners, and save the city $12,000 in election costs.

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