25 Recognized By Sheriff For Exceptional & Meritorious Service

On June 27, 2024, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department recognized 13 current law enforcement officers and a former one, a dispatcher, a physician, four firemen and four citizens for their extraordinary efforts during emergency and extreme circumstances in 2023 and 2023.
The Sheriff’s Exceptional Service Awards, signed off on by Sheriff Shannon Dicus, were provided to the 25 individuals during a ceremony in Highland on Thursday by Assistant Sheriff Rick Bessinger. An unanticipated circumstance involving a member of Sheriff Dicus’s family prevented him from making the presentations himself.
The awards honored those who distinguished themselves through exceptional intensity in performing their jobs or in confronting a challenging situation, bravery, and heroism beyond normal expectations. “Each recipient made a significant impact on our community,” said Sheriff Dicus.
The event showcased inspiring stories of service and highlighted individual and team achievements. “Recipients risked their safety to save lives,” according to a sheriff’s department statement. “Some recipients rescued people trapped in fully engulfed homes and others aided severely injured hikers and individuals from traffic collisions. One community member intervened to stop an armed suspect. Additionally, a group received recognition for their efforts in saving Deputy Marcus Mason’s life, who was wounded in the line of duty during a 2022 traffic stop in Rancho Cucamonga.”
Sheriff Dicus said, “I couldn’t be more proud of the heroes we honored from our department and the community. Putting yourself in harm’s way to save another is what make these heroes exceptional.”

Sheriff’s Deputy Ernesto Madrigal was provided with the Medal of Valor.
Deputy Jacob Delano received the Medal of Valor.
Deputy Kevin Konior earned the Medal of Valor.
Deputy Larry Torres was recognized with the Medal of Valor.
Deputy Jeremy Deruiter was presented with the Medal of Valor
Captain Ross Tarangle was awarded the Medal of Valor.
Deputy Chris Henry won the Medal of Valor
Detective Shaunna Ables merited the Medal of Valor
Deputy Brandon Narcisse attained the Medal of Valor
Deputy David Johnson rated the Medal of Valor
Detective Eric Rebollar Medal of Valor 
Deputy Casey Allen was given the Medal of Valor
Dispatcher II Heather Lassiter was lauded for her meritorious service.
Battalion Chief Chad Comeau was recognized for his meritorious service.
Firefighter Alex Wherry garnered the Meritorious Service Medal.
Firefighter Cary Mitchell was a Medal of Valor recipient.
Firefighter Adam Salveson was bestowed with a Medal of Valor.
Ontario PD Pilot Derrick Alatorre was recognized for meritorious service.
Ontario PD Observer Michael Ayala was endorse for his meritorious service.
Physician Onaona Gurney was credited with meritorious service.
Citizen John Kraus was recognized for his meritorious service.
Citizen Mike Ball was decorated with the Medal of Valor.
Citizen Christensen Severin was esteemed as deserving his Medal of Valor.
Citizen Jose Pulido was honored with the Medal of Valor.
Retired Riverside Sheriff’s Department Deputy Dean Colbert was acknowledged with the Medal of Valor.

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