Six Enamorados Enter Guilty Pleas

Six of Edin Alex Enamorado’s co-defendants in three September 2023 incidents in which he and his followers engaged in swarm assaults on individuals they were targeting or bystanders inadvertently caught up in Enamorado’s self-styled crusade for justice this morning entered guilty pleas on single felony counts.

Enamorado, 36, a convicted felon and self-acknowledged “gang banger” who moved to the United States from Guatemala with his parents as an infant and was raised on the mean streets of Cudahy, claims he turned his life around about a decade ago when the gangland activity he was engaged in resulted in the shooting death of his girlfriend. Thereafter, he says, he committed himself to working toward the betterment of the society in which he lives. That included, Enamorado maintains, seeking social justice, including forcing a recognition that white Europeans who colonized the New World and then created the United States have usurped the land of the indigenous people of North America and have imposed on them an onerous, unfair and damaging capitalistic system.

One immediate element of Enamorado’s action plan was to resist local municipalities in their imposition of regulations and ordinances relating to street vending, which Enamorado maintains is an element of Latino culture that street vendors have a constitutional right to engage in. With his acolytes, whom he recruited both in person and through his use of various social media platforms, he has rallied to the locations where street vendors were confronted by law enforcement, municipal code enforcement, local business owners or citizens.

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