Is The FBI Watching Torres & Warren Closely?

Are a local congresswoman and a local mayor being greased through an elaborate scheme involving federal money going to facilitate the Brightline High Speed Rail Project that is to link Las Vegas with Rancho Cucamonga and thereby the rest of Southern California? Are family members of local politicians who have a say over the rail project investing in land related to the railroad right of way? Is the FBI watching what is going on? Did the congresswoman vote to expedite the rail project? Did the mayor, a member of a regional transportation agency, participate in the decision-making process that promoted the rail project? Did the mayor make sure that her city hired the congresswoman’s son? Does Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recognize what is going on? Were FBI agents in Las Vegas milling about the crowd at the recent groundbreaking for the Brightline Station there observing the relationships between the various involved entities? Did some of the politicians spend time at the dice tables while they were in Sin City? Did they lose? Are they saying that they won when they actually lost? Who covered their losses? On whose dime did the Southern California politicians travel to Las Vegas? Does Congressman Aguilar know about how some of his congressional colleagues are being paid off? Has the FBI asked him what he knows about those things? What did he tell those agents?

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