SB Cops Nab Suspects With Some 52 Pounds Of Meth

A chance traffic stop last week led to what turned out to be an even more significant interruption of the local narcotics trade than a methodically coordinated operation by the San Bernardino Police Department in conjunction with two other regional law enforcement agencies.
Earlier this month, on a date that has not been specified, the San Bernardino Police Department’s narcotics unit, a member of the department’s K9 unit and a police dog, with the assistance of the area’s mobile enforcement team and San Manuel Indian Tribe patrol officers, descended upon a residence in the 1100 block of West Spruce Street in San Bernardino to serve a search warrant.
More than two pounds of methamphetamine were seized by police during the raid along with an undisclosed amount of U.S. currency, according to the San Bernardino Police Department.
A suspect was placed under arrest on a felony charge.
The department announced that arrest had taken place on March 15. That same day, a district resource officer conducted a traffic stop in the Eastern District. Based on the circumstances involving the vehicle and its operator, a spot investigation ensued. This led to the discovery of a large suitcase within the vehicle, inside which were 11 wrapped bags of methamphetamine. In total about 50 pounds of the drug were recovered.

This led to a felony arrest.
The department has not released the names of either of the two individuals arrested, as they are using so-called “investigative techniques,” on the two arrestees, threatening them with multiple year prison sentences and using other intimidation methods in an effort to get them to spill their guts about others who they were involved with them in their nefarious enterprises.

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