Letter To The Editor

“Norma Torres Never Forgets Her Commitment To Her District”

Or so her flyer stated.
She bragged about the following:
Inflation Reduction Act Most people don’t realize its primary purpose is to shackle our economy to turn it into a green mismanaged state by throwing out our strong energy sector.
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Democrats boasted it was the largest package in history.  Exactly! That is what Democrats do, they blindly and needlessly spend taxpayers’ money—only to see no return on investment.  Do most 35th District Constituents understand that this program is fundamentally intended to throw money away on so-called hydrogen technology and the hydrogen economy?
In summary, her flyer introduces the centralized planning that Norma and her colleagues are very fond of.
Norma might brag about her so-called accomplishments – but until we see real changes that flow from free market solutions our district will pretty much remain the same – just more expensive to live in.  In 2024, make sure you vote with your brain and not from emotional impetuousness like Norma or Greta Thunberg.
Lory Mason

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