Used Motor Oil Discarded On U.S. Forest Service Land Near Oak Hills & Cajon Pass

An individual or individuals at this time unknown disposed of a substantial quantity of motor oil on San Bernardino National Forest land at some point last month.
The United States Forest Service is networking with other federal, state and local authorities in trying to determine who is responsible for illegally dumping the substance motor oil on the side of Forest Service Road 3N45.
Rangers are asking the public for help with any leads.
The oil was discovered on January 18. The site is accessible from the Oak Hills exit on Interstate 15, near the Cajon Pass.
Approximately 200 gallons of used engine oil in five-quart containers and five-gallon buckets were illegally discarded. Containers were labeled ExxonMobil Oil Corporation and all the containers had barcodes. Some of the barcode numbers are: 7192444823, 2140040444, 7192444820 and 9236356611.
Anyone with information about the illegal dump can call USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Ishmill Lett at (626) 340-5587 during business hours and can call (909) 383-5594 after hours.“
Dumping is something we take very seriously,” Lett said. “It’s not only illegal in California, but it is a federal crime. Hazardous illegal dumping causes a tremendous amount of resource damage by polluting the environment, which simultaneously affects wildlife. We are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect or suspects responsible for this violation.”
According to Lett, the action violates California penal code 374.3, which makes it illegal to dump on public and private property punishable by a fine of up to $10,000. Also, pursuant to section 117555 of the California health and safety code, a person who dumps illegally is punishable by up to six months in jail. Photos of the dump site show containers stacked and strewn in a pile; oil contaminated the ground and other trash was discarded as well. The site had to be cleaned up by a contracted hazardous material crew, who completed the job February 15.

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