Former ATF Agent Alexander Looking For 4 More Years As SB Ward 7 Councilman

Damon Alexander, who was first elected to the San Bernardino City Council in November 2020, is asking the residents of the 7th Ward to return him to office for four more years .
Competing against him in the March 5 race are former City Attorney Jim Penman and College Professor Dr. Treasure Ortiz. If one of the candidates does not poll a majority of the vote on that date, the two top vote-getters will compete in a run-off in November.
“I would like to continue collaborating with my colleagues to propel our city to new heights,” said Alexander. “I enjoy helping 7th Ward residents, residents of the city and community partners. I find value in San Bernardino when together we achieve our goals. I’ve successfully introduced and implemented impactful policy ideas which benefit our residents. I want to see to completion several projects which I started or assisted in starting, paving the way for new businesses, affordable housing developments, restricted truck routes, the California Theater remodel, the Roosevelt Bowl remodel and others. I want to continue to represent the city on regional boards to ensure that San Bernardino’s interests are effectively advocated for. To keep the progress and momentum going on economic growth, advocating for local vendor preference. Most importantly, I prioritize being in the community, ensuring the voices of the 7th Ward residents are not just heard but actively represented in the decisions I make.”
The 7th Ward is located in the north central center of the city. It straddles the 210 Freeway, with a northern border of 40th Street, a southern border of Highland Avenue and irregular borders on its west and east sides, such that Del Rosa Aveu is priarily the eastern border on its south side, with the exception of a neighborhood that is north of the 21 Freeway near Del Vallejo Park. To the north, the eastern border is Harrison Avenue. On the west side, the southernmost west border is Musciabe Drive, the west H Street and the west border near the top of the district is H Street just before the district border makes an eastwrd jog along 34th Street to E Street, which then forms the western border until it meets 37th before heading north along Palm to 40th Street.
During the three years and now nearly three months that he has been in office, Alexander said he has had a record of accomplishment.
“I’ve actively collaborated with colleagues to propel our city forward. Over the past three years, I’ve achieved significant milestones such as the long-awaited demolition of the mall, facilitating new business and housing developments. Representing San Bernardino on regional boards ensures our interests are effectively advocated for. I’ve organized economic and homeless summits, facilitated small business grant forums, and overcome bureaucratic hurdles to kickstart stalled projects. Additionally, I’ve fostered a working relationship with the school district to address city issues jointly. Promising to double code enforcement officers, we now have 20 officers and a manager, with additional parking enforcement officers added based on community needs. I initiated negotiations with the county, advocated for a new economic development department, and established the San Bernardino Regional Housing Trust for future housing affordability. Implementing a graffiti removal program and supporting Spanish translation at council meetings demonstrates our commitment to community needs. Collaborating with Caltrans on homeless outreach and enhancing our police department’s quality of life team reflects our dedication to addressing citywide concerns. These accomplishments were achieved through collective efforts of residents, community partners, and city staff.”
Alexander said he has further goals in mind if he is entrusted with the responsibility of remaining in office.
“Firstly, I aim to initiate an infrastructure street bond to kickstart a city-wide schedule of repaving the streets of San Bernardino, pending voter approval. Additionally, I intend to complete and staff the new economic development department and establish a one-stop shop for residents, streamlining processes for home improvements and large-scale projects. Addressing homelessness remains a priority, and I’m committed to leveraging innovative strategies to continue making progress in this area. Given the regional nature of homelessness, my involvement in the continuum of care for the county allows me to contribute effectively to this effort. Moreover, with the successful razing of the Carousel Mall, it’s time to usher in mixed-use development downtown, featuring restaurants, boutique shops, and residential housing. I envision San Bernardino becoming a what I call a smart solutions city, leveraging artificial intelligence and city-wide broadband to enhance infrastructure. Ensuring neighborhood safety is paramount, and I plan to achieve this through the strategic hiring of more police officers. While challenges persist, I am ready to tackle them head-on, confident that together, we can make a difference.”
To achieve results, Alexander said, a cooperative effort among the city’s elected leadership is key.
“Building strong relationships with council members is crucial for passing policy and achieving our goals,” he said. “I’m proud to have a good working relationship with my colleagues on the council, which enables us to effectively collaborate and drive initiatives forward. Additionally, active engagement with regional leaders and community partners ensures that San Bernardino is adequately represented and advocated for in securing resources vital for our city’s momentum. Serving as a board member of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), I advocate for grant funding and policy initiatives that benefit not only our city but also the broader regional community. Through these efforts, we can continue to advance San Bernardino’s interests and foster positive growth and development.”
Alexander said he respected both Ortiz and Penman and indicated he had no criticisms of them, their approach to public issues or their candidacies.
In sizing up the major issues and challenges facing the city as a whole, Alexander said, “Indeed, homelessness, the availability of affordable housing, and the retention and attraction of the business community are pressing issues facing the 7th Ward and San Bernardino, akin to challenges encountered by many large cities in America. However, we are actively addressing and resolving these issues through collaborative efforts with our federal, county, and community partners. By working together, leveraging resources, and implementing innovative solutions, we can make meaningful progress in tackling these complex issues and improving the quality of life for all residents of San Bernardino.”
Alexander said, “Together, as a collective effort involving the mayor, council, city staff, community partners, and residents, we have achieved significant progress over the past three years. Our collaborative endeavors have resulted in a noticeable decrease in crime rates across all areas of the city. Moreover, we’ve cultivated an environment conducive to new business growth by establishing an entrepreneurial business center to support both new and existing ventures. Additionally, I am committed to continuing my advocacy for funding our award-winning parks and recreation department, ensuring that our residents have access to quality recreational facilities. As I seek my constituents’ support and vote on March 5, 2024, I am confident that with continued collaboration, there is no limit to what we can achieve together.” He called for “keeping the momentum going and striving for an even brighter future for San Bernardino.” He said he wanted to thank his constituents for their ongoing support of his efforts as their reprsentative.

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