Ramirez Appointed To MWA Seat 6

The Mojave Water Agency Board of Directors has selected Jesse Ramirez to fill the vacancy created within its ranks by Jeanette Hayhurst’s resignation as the agency’s Division 6 representative.

The directors made the appointment on October 9.

Mr. Ramirez’s 44 years of experience in the water industry, combined with his longevity in the Barstow community, gives him valuable insight and perspective on the water needs in this region,” said Board President Mike Page.

Ramirez is a water industry professional, having extensive experience as a water distribution specialist. Since 2005, he was a water operations superintendent with Golden State Water Company. Golden State Water Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American States Water Company and provides water service to approximately 263,400 customer connections throughout 10 counties in Northern, Coastal and Southern California. In San Bernardino County, Golden State Water has been a primary water service provider in Barstow since 1929 and delivers water to approximately 8,800 customers there, utilizing groundwater pumped from the Mojave River Basin-Centro Subbasin, which lies, roughly, in the center of the Mojave Basin extending northwesterly and southeasterly from the Mojave River. Golden State provides water as well to roughly 2,900 customers in both Apple Valley Desert View, Lucerne, North Apple Valley and South Apple Valley, using groundwater pumped from the Mojave River Basin-Alto Subbasin, which lies in the upper portion of the Mojave River. Golden State Water provides water to approximately 11,000 customers in the Claremont customer service area, which includes portions of Montclair and Upland in San Bernardino County, deriving 60 percent of that water from local groundwater supplies which Golden State Water maintains, and imports around 40 percent from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California via Three Valleys Municipal Water District.

Ramirez currently holds Grade-5 water distribution operation certification as well as Grade-3 water treatment operator certification.

“Jesse brings with him an accomplished career in water utility operations and will undoubtedly provide the agency with important perspectives as we tackle the coming water management challenges,” said General Manager Adnan Anabtawi.
“I’m looking forward to tapping into my many years in the water industry to help the agency navigate challenges now, and in the future,” said Ramirez, who cited more stringent water quality standards and availability of water in general among the upcoming issues.

A Barstow native, Ramirez graduated from Barstow High School. He has served as a Barstow College Foundation Board member since 2019 and on the Barstow Cemetery Committee since 2020. He is a member of the Barstow Kiwanis Club and was that group’s past president in 2018-2019 year.

Ramirez will attend his first board meeting on October 26.

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