Carrillo Challenging Rowe In The Third District

Chris Carrillo, who previously worked as James Ramos’s assitant chief of staff when he was Third District San Bernardino County Supervisor, has committed to running against the current Third District suprvisor, Dawn Rowe, in 2024.
In 2018, after Ramos was elected to the California Assembly, Rowe was appointed by the board of supervisors to complete the final two years of the term as supervisor Ramos had been elected to in 2016. The board favored Rowe despite Ramos’s preference that Carrillo be brought in to replace him.
Carrillo contemplated and even began to prepare to run against Rowe in the 2020 election. Nevertheless, he pulled out of that race after his mother suffered a serious health challenge in 2019.
Carrillo’s mother was an attorney, as is Carrillo. They were working on some of the same cases when she grew ill. In 2020, she passed away. That same year, Rowe was elected to continue to serve as Third District supervisor.
Next year, Carrillo vowed, Rowe will not have the political cakewalk she had in 2020.
In his quest to represent the Third District, Carrillo said, he will “Put people first, family first, community first and politics last.”
A member of the board of the East Valley Water District Board, Carrillo represents Highland and a portion of San Bernardino. He was appointed to the board in 2014, and elected to the board in his own right in 2015 and reelected in 2020. In his capacity as a water board member, he championed the construction of the Sterling Natural Resource Center, which was designed to treat up to 8 million gallons of wastewater daily, which is then used to recharge the local Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin.
“Throughout my career in public service, I’ve made it a commitment to deliver for people and improve lives,” Carillo said. “Too many families in San Bernardino County are being left behind by politicians who put themselves ahead of residents. From Redlands, Yucaipa, and Yucca Valley to Barstow, Crestline, and Big Bear Valley, our communities face unique challenges. I’m running for Supervisor to put people first and stand up for common sense solutions.”

Read the remainder of this article in the September 8 print edition othe San Bernardino County Sentinel.

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