If Your Car Has Been Stolen, You Might Want To Think About Getting A Hold Of This Guy

Those who have had their cars stolen and have had no luck in recovering them may want to consider contacting Montclair Police Officer Salvador Herrera.
Herrera is a five-time recipient of California Highway Patrol 10851 Pins and is now considered a “master” stolen car recovery specialist.
The criteria for receiving a single 10851 award consists of an officer, while serving in a patrol capacity, during a 12 month period either a) makes six separate incident rolling stolen in-custody arrests, or b) recovers a total of 12 stolen vehicles, of which a minimum of 3 must be rolling, or c) develops information resulting in the identification of a vehicle theft ring, with subsequent arrests of two or more suspects and the recovery of at least 10 vehicles.
“10851” is the California Vehicle Code Section for Grand Theft Auto (GTA). According to Montclair City Manager Edwin Starr, “Officer Herrera’s diligent efforts toward recovering stolen vehicles have been truly impressive. His efforts have made our community safer and has returned 30 stolen vehicles to their rightful owners.”

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