Rancho Cucamonga Reverend Has Authored The Prophetic Almanac 2023

Book Review
By Carol Sissom
In my estimation, The Prophetic Almanac 2023 is a must have book for the upcoming year.
Written by a Rancho Cucamonga author, it will be of interest to locals for that reason, but I recommend it to everyone, not just those Rancho Cucamonga residents enthused about their city’s literary talent.
I believe that nurses, doctors, paramedics, teachers, policemen, congressmen and bakery workers will have an especial interest in this offering, which deserves more than a one-paragraph review on Amazon or Walmart.com.
The author, Pastor Bill Jenkins, is an author and businessman is a life-changing individual and his recent, latest work of prose is something that could very well save your life.
I write from experience, based upon Pastor Jenkins 2021 undertaking, The Prophetic Almanac 2022.
It was Christmas season 2021 and I was in shopping mode when I first saw it.
“A handbook,” I mused. “A new book for Christmas? What a nice, lovely gift for someone.”
I purchased two copies of the Prophetic Almanac 2022 about 15 months ago when it came out. I meant them as unique and heart-felt gifts when I ordered them for my daughter, an adult school teacher, and for a very close friend of mine who lives in Florida. I was thrilled to give them an autographed book and then I ordered a few copies for myself to keep in my car and my house.
Just so you know, while some people keep a first aid kit in their car, I keep a Prophetic Almanac, a dictionary, and a thesaurus around for reference. I’m just one of those people who like an old-fashioned book to hold in your hands in every room of the house. I just love books! The Prophetic Almanac is so unique, so incredible, I would say if it had a temperature gauge on it that it would register “Hot.” That’s as in “hot to touch.” I’m certain the Prophetic Almanac 2022 that I purchased in late 2021 prepared me for what hit me in 2022.
Yes, I said, “hit me” as in like a ton of bricks. Had I not read this Almanac (which is very similar to the Farmer’s Almanac), I would likely not been able to handle the two, consecutive, nearly unbearable, possibly unspeakable crisis situations that I dealt with in 2022. This book warned me in advance of what was to come. I repeat, this book gave me warning and that is what this author does and it’s spot on.
The irony is that I just didn’t know how or what it would be until one day, out of the wild blue, about mid-year, I looked out on my porch and saw the blond-hair of my ex-husband and his pretty wife knocking on my front door. It was a Saturday morning at 9 am. “Huh?” I thought to myself. “What the heck?” I said out loud as I opened the door. “It’s Saturday!” Someone who hadn’t come to my house in almost a decade was on my porch with a terrible look on his face? “Oh, no….” I said as I sunk to my knees and my stomach fell and did flip flops and I almost threw up as I realized why he was there. It wasn’t good news. After my stomach had fully collapsed, I felt myself turn pale and shaken and literally ill as I asked the two whose faces were stained with bad news, “What happened?” My daughter was in the hospital. I hadn’t heard from her in about three days and although I was mildly concerned I wasn’t too worried but there stood her Dad, his face scrunched up as he delivered the bad news to me as gently as he could. She was in the hospital. That’s all I’m going to say about that morning, because I want you to read this book for yourself. But the Prophetic Almanac Book had warned me about that morning and as I stood on the porch too shocked to sob, I remembered the book I had purchased the previous fall! It had warned me! It had warned me in advance about what was going on! Had I not read the Prophetic Almanac I don’t know if I could have handled it. This book helped me to prepare. It not only saved me from thinking the worst, I didn’t dwell on the bad because I had also read about the good that would happen to me in this book. In the other situation relating to the other person I had bought the book for, I had devastating news in the Summer of 2022 that he had been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, that he had had to have multiple painful surgeries, that he was on dialysis and faced ancer treatment that most people couldn’t bear. I had mailed him a copy of the Prophetic Almanac! What a wretchedly difficult year for both folks born on the 22nd of the month!
The good news is that I was able to handle the year because of the book I had read. It laid out steps for me to follow and this step-by-step guide helped me navigate a difficult year.
Author Bill Jenkins is not Nostradamus, that’s for sure. He isn’t even Billy Graham or Joel Osteen. But people read Nostradamus, the most well-known prophet born in 1503 because he came from a group of Jewish doctors and scholars. Author Jenkins came from Chicago and I met him when he pastored a church in Indianapolis, known as the Crossroads of America, for 30 years. This man is spot on and he’s not only an inspirational speaker, a diagnoser-of-the-truth, and a teller-of-the-future but he’s better at what he does than any psychic or professed psychic on the planet. And a bonus feature is he is a dynamic writer.
I recommend his latest book because it might just save someone like it did me. I have purchased ten copies for my friends so far, and I plan on getting more. This book is light and easy to carry around with you if you travel. It’s similar to a college handbook or a dictionary. This book kept me from having a nervous breakdown when I got bad news and it helped me drive through some very bad traffic in my life in the year 2022. It was uplifting, fun and a quick, fun read. Of course, that’s what inspirational authors do, and Jenkins does it well.
This book is not all about preparing for the bad. It has a lot of good, happy facts in it.
Jenkins is worth following in part because of the Daily Minute that Matters feature he publishes on many social media platforms. You won’t be sorry if you buy this book.
Oh, I forgot one more thing! Remember I told you that my dad who died when I was a young girl was born on the 22nd of the month? Well, my father was an auto body repairman. About ten years ago I became a classic car show host in his memory. Last October, after hosting classic car shows for ten years, I had the largest attendance of cars I’ve ever had at my fall-festival car show. We had so many cars come out to our event we had to get spill-over parking set up. Everyone was astounded at the miraculous turnout. For me, that was a little twinkle from my Daddy in Heaven. My year wasn’t all difficult moments – I had a few spectacular ones too.
I hope you enjoy reading Jenkins’ book. Get a copy today for yourself, and a few for your friends!
ISBN-13: 9798218108892
Bill Jenkins
Destinyland Christian Center
9797 Feron Blvd.
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730
(909) 727-3452 (his wife Britain
(317) 361-3007 (his personal assistant)

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