Train Derailment Near Victorville Shuts Two Rail Lines Down Tuesday & Wednesday

Twenty-seven Union Pacific freight cars derailed near Victorville Tuesday morning, December 20, proximate to Mojave Narrows Regional Park near the Kemper Campbell Ranch, about one mile south of Outer Highway 18 near Stoddard Wells Road.
The mishap occurred on a railroad track owned by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway around 8 a.m.
There were no injuries reported.
The cars that went off the track were carrying iron ore, according to the railroad.
Two of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway tracks at that juncture had to be closed.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe crews arrived on the scene within 75 minutes to begin an effort to clear the tracks and restore them to use.
One consequence of the derailment was that Amtrak’s Southwest Chief train, scheduled to depart from Los Ángeles to Chicago on Tuesday, was canceled.
One of the tracks was restored to functionality by late Wednesday, December 21.
The derailment’s cause is under investigation.

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