November 8 Vote Returned All Three Trona School Board Incumbents To Office

By Mark Gutglueck
All three incumbents up for reelection to the board of the Trona Joint Unified School District will remain in place, according to the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters.
Trona, an unincorporated community of 1,800 in the west Mojave Desert at the periphery of Searles Dry Lake near the mouth of Death Valley east of the Kern County border and south of the boundary with Inyo County, is the northwesternmost populated area within San Bernardino County.
Priscilla Benadom, Cathy Heseman, and Skylar Wayne McCullar sought reelection in the November 8 balloting. Shannon Nichole Stephens and Victoria Flores were challenging them.
Tallying of the vote shows that Heseman, with 268 of the 968 votes cast, or 27.1 percent, led the pack, followed by Benadom, with 227 votes or 22.95 percent. McCullar captured third place, also gaining reelection, with 215 votes or 21.74 percent. Stephens polled 141 votes or 14.26 percent and Flores gathered 138 voter endorsement for 13.95 percent.
Benadom, Heseman and McCullar will remain on the board with their colleagues, Samantha MacLean and Sandy Sprouse.

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