Jernigan Seeking Political Primacy In Needles With Mayoral Bid

She is running for mayor, Janet Jernigan said, because “I feel I bring business experience, a common-sense thinking approach for Needles, and I am committed to work hard for our current businesses and any new development to move Needles forward. I will work to clean up and provide safety for our community so we continue our family environment and all departments in the city.
She will fit in and is qualified to serve as mayor Jernigan said.
“Currently I attend city meetings and have the necessary time to devote to Needles,” she said. She emphasized, “I have been a small business owner for 30 years and active in the community as a volunteer working for the betterment of Needles.”Jernigan, Sandra Queen Noble and James Jones are vying in the contest to replace Mayor Jeff Williams, who is not seeking reelection. She differentiated herself from her two opponents, saying, “The biggest distinction is my business experience. I have a history of working with groups and supporting our city. I already attend city meetings and can attend county meetings.”
Jernigan said, “The major issues facing Needles are the rising cost of everything and having city leaders who will demonstrate fiscal responsibility to our citizens. The city budget needs to be balanced for all departments and we must establish a fiscal reserve to meet sudden needs. We can build our city up financially by welcoming new development to the community.”
City leaders must, Jernigan said, “maintain a tax base and utility rates are at a level to cover the city. We must work to improve our physical image to attract visitors.”
Her civic experience recommends her to the position of mayor, Jernigan said.
“I have served on the Needles Planning Commission,” she said. “I regularly attend the council meetings and general plan meetings. I have worked with the city as a volunteer. I am a member of groups and organizations that did projects with the city.”
She is a Needles native, Jernigan said.
“Needles has always been my home. I attended Needles High School and we are celebrating or 50-year reunion in October.
Jernigan later attended San Bernardino Valley College and Skadron Business College.
She has been a Farmers Insurance Agent for 30 years, during which she attended numerous
business training programs.
Jernigan said, “I have been married for 46 years to Steve. Through the years we have had businesses together. Our daughter, Stephanie, has her own successful event planning business in Orange County.”
Jernigan said the opportunity to run for mayor was enlivening her. She said she was following in the footsteps of her mother and father.
“I really am excited to give back to the community if I am elected mayor. My parents taught by example and by being volunteers and supporters of Needles for over 60 years.”
Jernigan pointed out that she is active in tourism events and working with the Rt66 organization to bring travelers to Needles.

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