Barstow Mayor Courtney Barred From City Hall

Based upon the preliminary findings of an internal investigation, Mayor Paul Anthony Courtney has been temporarily barred from City Hall. During a closed session of the city council last night, September 12, by a 4-to-0 vote a decision to remove him from City Hall was made. His office was sealed off and his key and passcode disenabled.
No authorized statement regarding that action has been publicly made, although a written statement is, according to an employee within the city manager’s office, under preparation. The city attorney is to make a public report of the situation at the next meeting of the city council.
More than eight months ago, on December 21, 2021. the Barstow City Council voted to censure Courtney, making an expression of disapproval for what its members said was Courtney’s use of his mayoral status and the city’s name and logo to engage in what was characterized as a political mailing camouflaged as an official handbill aimed at promoting the city but which Courtney’s critics maintained was intended to advance himself politically. He was further charged with overstepping his reach as mayor in effectuating official action.
Information as to what is being examined in the current investigation is being closely guarded by the city.
Mark Gutglueck

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